Class Registration

Tuitions are based on 1 class per week for the entire month.  Tuitions are month to month.  You may start class at any time during the month and we can prorate the tuition.

Preschool Program

  • Busy Bees (18-36 months) with parent – 45 minute class – NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
  • Tumble Bugs (3 year olds) – 45 minute class – NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
  • Chipmunks (4 year olds) – 45 minute class – NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

Boys & Girls Developmental Program

  • Girls & Boys Beginner – 55 minute class –
  • Girls & Boys Advanced Beginner – 70 minute class –
  • Girls & Boys Advanced – 85 minute class –

$20 Registration fee applies every September to new and current families.

How to Register

Please CLICK HERE to see class availability and to register for your desired class.  Class tuitions are per month based upon one class per week (Summer months are based on a 3 week month, as the gym closes for 1 week each month for special projects/maintenance). Any special medical concerns should be indicated. Payment is required at the time of registration in order to hold your child’s spot in a class. Classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will notify you immediately if there is a problem.


The following protocols are in place due to current health/safety guidelines.

Drop off may begin 5-10 minutes prior to class start time.

Parents will drop athlete at the door.  Instructor will meet athlete at the door, and temperature will be taken.  Temperature may not exceed 99.5 in order to enter.  Please wait for “wave” or “thumbs up” indication from instructor that athlete has been cleared for practice.

Athlete must wear mask while entering building, and any time they are in the lobby or restroom areas.  Masks may be removed once in gym area.

Shoes must be worn in lobby and restroom area.  (For this reason, flip-flops or other slip on shoes are recommended.)

Athletes will sanitize hands and bare feet before entering gym area, and may be asked to sanitize again between rotating to new apparatus.

A backpack or gym bag is required to hold all personal items.  Water bottle, shoes, masks, etc.  Athletes will be given a small bag for person chalk supply.  Please note: for health purposes, the drinking fountain has been disabled.  Please be sure to provide personal water bottle for your child.

Instructors will wear masks throughout class.  6 foot spacing will be practiced.  Athletes have the option to wear a well fitted mask throughout practice if they so choose, however, we would ask it be removed if a skill is being performed where potential of mask slipping over eyes would be a factor.  If you prefer your child keeps mask on throughout class, please indicate so with instructor.  Otherwise, once safety spaced in gym area, we will instruct athletes to place masks inside their backpacks.

Instructor will walk group to the exit, and remain with athlete until retrieved.  Please be prompt.  Instructors will need to sanitize used equipment prior to their next class.

When can I register?

You may register your child at any time.  If you register after month has begun, we will happily pro-rate your tuition for a partial month.

Annual Fee

The annual family fee for recreational gymnastics is $20.00. This once-a-year fee is due with each school-year registration from new and returning families. It is applied to registration processing, administrative expenses, and insurance costs for the program. Summer registration fees are waived.


A 10% discount is applied to the lesser tuition of a second child of the same family. A 20% discount is applied to the third & fourth child of the same family. One child taking multiple classes will receive 20% off of the lesser class tuition.

Make-Up Policy

All make-ups must be scheduled through our office to insure we maintain a safe student/teacher ratio, and should be completed within 30 days of the class that was missed as long as you are still enrolled at Great Northern. Only 1 missed class per month can be made up.  Missed classes cannot be carried over to the following month in lieu of paying tuition.  Refunds cannot be given for missed classes. For planned gym closings due to holidays or in-house competitions, make ups will only be scheduled if there are less than four class periods in that month.

What to Wear

For the safety of the students, proper clothing should be worn. Leotards, warm-ups, or gym shorts and t-shirts with shirts tucked in may be worn. Socks/barefoot only for athletes in the gym. Long hair should be pulled back from the face in a ponytail. Please remove all jewelry before coming to class.

What to do before class

Talk to your child at home about staying in line, listening to the teacher, and staying on-task. Try to arrive at the gym for class 5-10 minutes early to get your child dressed, go to the bathroom, and to get them “in the mood” for learning. Parents should bring activities for any siblings that will be staying in the lobby during class. Parents are welcome to stay in the lobby to observe all classes!